Battery Service Near Charlotte, NC

When you need Mitsubishi battery service near Charlotte, come to the service department at Griffin Mitsubishi. Our team is here to handle all of your auto repair needs, from quick oil changes to affordable brake jobs. If your vehicle is having trouble starting and you need quick battery testing, schedule your battery replacement at our auto repair shop near Charlotte.

The battery in your new Mitsubishi Outlander lease will drain over time, just like the batteries in your home electronics, and will need to be replaced. Before this happens, your vehicle will likely show signs of a failing car battery before it fails completely. If your car is slow to turn over, the headlights are dim at startup, or the battery warning light is illuminated on the dash, the battery needs to be replaced.

How To Choose the Best Car Battery

When you book your battery repair at our auto shop near Charlotte, you'll find a wide selection of new car batteries for sale in our parts department. Our professional mechanics will tell you how to choose the right car battery for your vehicle, so you make an informed purchase. If you're wondering how gold batteries compare to platinum batteries or which battery comes with the best warranty, you'll find answers to these questions and more in our parts department.

How Come My Car Won't Start?

During your battery service near Charlotte, we might discover that the battery is holding a charge, but the alternator is failing, or you need battery cable repair. If the battery cables are damaged or corroded, the battery won't make the connection needed to deliver power to the vehicle. These are all reasons why your car won't start.

Another reason your car won't start could be an electrical problem that has nothing to do with the battery. There could be an electrical short or a bad fuse that's causing a parasitic draw. Essentially, one of the electrical systems in your vehicle is sucking power from the battery when the car is off. This will slowly drain your battery and can leave you with a car that won't start.

Quick Battery Test and Diagnosis

When you bring your vehicle in for a quick battery service near Charlotte, our team will visually inspect the battery, battery terminals, and battery cables for signs of corrosion or damage. We'll also sand the terminals and cables then tighten the battery cables to ensure a tight connection. Battery cables can loosen over time from road vibration, so even if they feel tight, they might not have a secure connection.

Our battery service technicians will test your battery with a multimeter to check the battery voltage and the alternator to make sure the battery can receive and hold a charge. This is a quick way to test if the battery is simply drained from lack of use or needs to be replaced.

Why Griffin Mitsubishi for Battery Service Near Charlotte?

The service department at our dealership is here to maintain your new Mitsubishi Mirage lease special from bumper to bumper. Whether you need to install a new car battery, book a quick oil change, or schedule brake service, our team is here to provide professional auto repair.

During your car's service, we install genuine Mitsubishi auto parts and factory-approved components when completing the repairs on your vehicle, so you know you're getting a quality service.

While you wait for our team to complete your Mitsubishi battery service near Charlotte, you're welcome to wait in our customer lounge, where we offer complimentary refreshments such as bottled water and coffee as well as free Wi-Fi. Before you're stuck with a car that won't start, see our team for a quick battery replacement.

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