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Personalize your Mitsubishi build and price it in a way that gets you pumped to bring her home. This page will tell you all about the benefits of personalizing a factory order car and how the team at Griffin Mitsubishi near Charlotte, NC, can help. Get some inspiration from our current inventory of amazing new Mitsubishi vehicles, or scroll below to learn a little more about some of our top models and how to get the car of your dreams.

Current Models

Mitsubishi: Build Your Own Vehicle

If you’re interested in configuring your new vehicle to your tastes, this Mitsubishi dealer near Charlotte can make it happen. Here's how to personalize your Mitsubishi build and price it in a way that fits your goals:

  • Order Online: Customize your Mitsubishi vehicle of choice from the manufacturer's website. We'll make sure it's everything you want it to be, and we'll get the order going for you.

  • Order In-Store: There's nothing like sitting in our vehicle center and seeing all the materials that will go into your Mitsubishi build and final price. Our vehicle specialists will go over every model, trim, and feature so that your next vehicle feels like a custom-tailored suit. Once the order is submitted, you can sit back, relax, and let us keep you informed on when to expect delivery.

  • Grab Something In-Bound: We've sat with plenty of customers who've made a custom build only to discover that the vehicle of their dreams has already been configured by us. It's already on a truck. And it's headed this way. We're always happy to try and locate a Mitsubishi vehicle that meets your specifications.

Your Mitsubishi Build and Your Price

No games. No surprises. You know how much your vehicle will cost because you're the one who put it together. She meets your needs. She meets your budget. Now all you have to do is bring her home. Filling out a secure online credit application can speed up the process. With an approval in place, you'll have an optimized rate whether you lease or finance. Ask a vehicle specialist today to begin making your dreams a reality.


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