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As important as keeping your engine in top shape is, taking care of a Mitsubishi brake service can be even more important. Think about it this way: An engine malfunction will bring your vehicle to a sudden stop, but a brake malfunction will prevent you from coming to one safely. That's a perilous situation that you don't want to face, so take care of your vehicle's brake service. Charlotte, NC, drivers will appreciate it.

That said, finding a Mitsubishi service center and brake shop that you can trust to take care of servicing your vehicle can be difficult, especially with critical issues. Technicians you can trust and who understand your car from the inside out are essential. Worry no more, as we offer a team of expert certified technicians in Monroe, NC, that you can count on.

FAQs About Mitsubishi Brake Service:

When will I need a Mitsubishi brake service?

Your vehicle will have guidelines for intervals to schedule brake maintenance at. Brakes in immediate need of servicing do have several symptoms, though. While not a comprehensive list, if you experience any of the following, then have a brake inspection and service performed right away:

  • A spongy or grinding feeling in the brake pedal: Any of these symptoms may point to contamination or damage to your vehicle's brake lines. The general rule is that if the feeling when pressing the brake pedal suddenly changes, an issue is present.
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when driving: If your vehicle seems to be dragging on one side, a brake caliper could be seized. This is detrimental to brake performance, will decrease fuel efficiency, make driving more difficult, and will lead to further issues — brake repair is required immediately.
  • A grinding, squealing, or rattling noise can be heard while braking: Your brake pads use a friction-generating surface to stop your vehicle. Over time this surface will wear down and generate noises like the ones listed. Have the pads inspected and replaced if you hear one of these noises.

What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is compressed as you press the pedal. It pushes out pistons inside the brake calipers, which squeeze pads against a rotor to stop the vehicle. It is recommended to flush this fluid every two years.

What is involved in a Mitsubishi brake service?

This can vary, but the first step is a full inspection of the system. Sometimes all that is needed will be new brake pads, and sometimes a fluid flush and replacement of rotors, calipers, or other parts will need to be done with our Mitsubishi parts center.

How long will a Mitsubishi brake service take?

The inspection performed will typically take half-an-hour to an hour. From there, it depends on the full scope of work needed, which will be revealed in the inspection; our service advisors will give you an accurate estimate once the inspection is performed.

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