Mitsubishi Outlander Towing Capacity: Can It Be Flat Towed Or Pull A Trailer?

 What do you know about the Mitsubishi Outlander towing capacity? Do you know what tools you need in order to tow safely? Well, if you're a newbie to towing, or you're just new to towing with this vehicle, we'll give you the Mitsubishi Outlander towing capacity you need to know, along with some other facts that will come in handy. But, first thing's first! Get your new Mitsubishi Outlander for sale with us here in Monroe; it is the most important ingredient in the towing recipe, after all!

The Mitsubishi Outlander CAN Tow

The Mitsubishi Outlander may be a compact SUV, but it's big on capability and hauling abilities. The tow capacity for the 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander can reach up to a maximum 3,500 lbs. when you get the GT 3.0 S-AWC trim. The rest of the configurations are rated for 1,500 lbs. If you're in possession of an older model or want to get a used Mitsubishi Outlander for sale, the numbers vary year by year. We've put together an SUV towing capacity chart to give you the low-down on the Mitsubishi Outlander towing capacity for different years. Check it out!

Mitsubishi Outlander Towing Capacity Through the Years

Year Max. Towing Capacity
2003-2006 1,500 lbs.
2007-present 3,500 lbs.

You'll notice that, starting in 2007 and continuing to the present day, the maximum Mitsubishi Outlander towing capacity is 3,500 lbs when properly equipped. That's because 2007 was when the performance-minded GT trim was introduced. Other trims and configurations throughout the years will only be rated between 1,500 lbs. and 2,000 lbs. (again, when properly equipped).

If you own an older model, always check the owner's manual to get an accurate number for what your vehicle is rated to tow. If you no longer have access to it, give us a call, and we can find the information for you.


Can you tow with a Mitsubishi Outlander?

You sure can! If you have a GT trim, you'll be able to tow a max of 3,500 lbs. with your Mitsubishi Outlander. Other models can tow up to 2,000 lbs. Not bad, right?

Can a Mitsubishi Outlander tow a horse float?

A horse float, also known as a horse trailer, will likely weigh anywhere between 2,300 and 4,000 lbs. when empty. Since most models of the Mitsubishi Outlander can tow up to 3,500 lbs. this should be no issue. However, with horses included, that number could far exceed even the 7,000-lb. mark. So, make sure you know how heavy your trailer and horses are together before towing. If it's above what your model is rated for, don't tow it.

Can a Mitsubishi Outlander be flat towed?

You may have also heard flat towing referred to as "four-down towing." This is when you attach a tow bar to a vehicle and tow it behind a camper along the road. Because the Mitsubishi Outlander has CVT, it is incompatible with flat-towing systems. Experts suggest that you leave your Mitsubishi Outlander at home. Don't worry; it'll be there for you when you return!

Is the Mitsubishi Outlander good for towing?

The Mitsubishi is a hybrid vehicle that can tow up to 3,500 lbs. That is a considerably larger towing capacity than other hybrid SUVs offer. So, we'd definitely say it's great for towing.

How much can a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport tow?

The 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport can also tow up to 3,500 lbs. So, if you're looking to do some Mitsubishi Outlander trailer towing near Charlotte, you're all set (as long as that trailer doesn't weigh more than 3,500 lbs.).

Is the Mitsubishi Outlander a good car?

Of course it is! The Mitsubishi Outlander is a spunky SUV that offers tons of choices for you to be able to drive exactly how you want. It can come in any one of six trims, has tons of standard safety features, and is perfectly equipped to keep you more comfortable than you ever have been in a vehicle before.

What is a curt tow hitch?

A curt tow hitch, otherwise known simply as a CURT hitch, is a trailer hitch that mounts to your vehicle's bumper and is generally used on trucks and SUVs that are rated for light-duty to medium-duty towing.

Are You Ready To Tow?

If you think you're up to the towing task, we've got the vehicle, accessories, and knowledge to help you get on your way. There are a lot of intricacies when it comes to towing (and towing safely). So, if there is anything in your owner's manual that doesn't quite make sense or that you'd like to have explained more in-depth, our Mitsubishi vehicle experts will be glad to help out. We have all the goodies you'll want in order to make every towing job just a little easier. Visit us and get to towing!

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