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Used BMW For Sale In Charlotte, NC

Taking home a used BMW for sale means that you'll get to enjoy precision-engineered German luxury with meaningful savings. The BMW portfolio is extensive. There are body styles and variations on each so that the experience is focused on every driver’s needs. Any pre-owned BMW aims to satisfy with a legacy of racing and advanced amenities. Be sure to explore all of our used cars for sale near Charlotte or scroll below for an overview of our pre-owned ultimate driving machines.

Introducing Our Used BMW Cars near Charlotte

So what can you expect when you slide behind the wheel of any used BMW for sale? An awesome drive. If you're upgrading from another brand & haven't experienced a BMW vehicle, then you're in for a treat. We see all BMW models and trim levels as the go-to used luxury dealer near Charlotte that drivers count on. Here's an overview of just some of the top models that we frequently see here:

  • A Used BMW X5 For Sale In NC- One of the larger BMW SUVs in the lineup, a 3rd row might be optional or standard depending on the year you find. So be sure to ask a sales specialist to confirm that feature if that's a must for you. Additionally, you'll find everything from performance to capability packages, so be on the lookout for M variants and features like self-park and more.

  • A Used BMW X3 For Sale In NC - The BMW X3 slots into the brand's SUV lineup as a mid-size solution for drivers that need capability & comfort in a more nimble package. But just because they're slightly smaller in size doesn't mean that they have less to offer. You can enjoy all the modern musts like power seat base extensions, heads-up display, touchscreen infotainment, smartphone connectivity, and more. The BMW X3 comes available in plenty of colors and trim packages, so if there's something specific you're looking for, just ask.

  • A Used BMW 3 Series For Sale In NC - This luxurious sports performer puts you right in the driver's seat with plenty of powertrains to choose from. RWD & AWD is available, as are four-cylinders, six-cylinders, and even electrified variants. These models are known for their fun-to-drive configuration, solid fuel efficiency, and touring comfort.

When it comes to selection and expert product knowledge, you'll want to get a used BMW for sale near Charlotte Center City from Griffin. But aside from selection, we've got plenty of other ways to help you have a successful ownership experience — more on that below.

Confidence With Every Used BMW for Sale

There's nothing like taking ownership of a new vehicle. Even when new means new to you. Griffin Mitsubishi takes great pride in the level of service that goes into every used BMW for sale from our inventory. But what does that mean exactly? You can count on all of them being inspected, serviced, tested, and detailed. But beyond that, our finance team has service contracts, protection packs, and warranty products that safeguard your investment for the long haul. So if you're curious about additional coverage options, ask your vehicle specialist to construct a package that's right for you.

FAQs & Your Used BMW for Sale

What is the best year to buy a used BMW?

That depends — if you're a collector and love owning a piece of motor heritage, then perhaps an E9 2800 CS from 1975 is best. If you'd rather be a bit more practical in pursuing the ultimate driving machine, many enthusiasts love the forward-thinking technology and relative value of the BMW X3 from 2010-2014. Another brand favorite from that era is the 2013 BMW 1-series.

Are BMW vehicles reliable after 100k miles?

You bet they are. If you look at any car-club gathering or weekend SCCA circuit, you'll see BMW vehicles pushing well over 30 years of age with hundreds of thousands of miles competing against cars that are only a few years old. Of course, longevity with any vehicle has a lot to do with owner dedication and maintenance. We'd love to see you here at our service center to help you take your next BMW vehicle as far as you possibly can.

Do BMW vehicles need premium gas?

The manufacturer recommends that all BMW vehicles run on premium gasoline. Of course, your vehicle will run on lower octane, but keep in mind that any BMW is a performance-built machine. Higher octane fuels keep engines clean of carbon buildup. Fuel lines and injectors stay clear of sludge. You'll feel the difference with premium, and your MPG is typically better, too.

Used Luxury Vehicles For Sale Near Charlotte, NC:

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